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theLender works with multiple Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) throughout the country in order to provide the best local
appraisal services to our approved mortgage brokers.

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Use the button below to request theLender order your Conforming (QM) Conventional Appraisal ONLY

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For ALL OTHER Appraisal Orders, please select one of the approved AMC’s below.

Accelerated Appraisal Group

(760) 712-4229
States licensed in: AZ, CA, GA, NC, SC

Clarity Appraisal Management
& Valuation Services

Class AMC Intermediate, LLC
dba Class Valuation, LLC

Great South Bay Appraisal
Management Company, LLC

Appraisal Network

Nationwide Property
& Appraisal Services

Signature Valuation
Management Inc.


For West Coast Orders Contact: Andrea Langner – 888-806-AXIS (2947) ext. 146

For East Coast Orders Contact: Michelle Rozell -888-806-AXIS (2947) ext. 421

Effort Appraisal Group
(CA, WA, OR, TX, FL, GA, CO, PA, NJ, MD, VA, SC, NC)